December marks the start of beach vacations. Responsible use of indoor tanning beds to build a “base tan” can actually help protect your skin against sunburn better than just sunscreen use alone. An excellent article from the American Suntanning Association explains the science behind building a safe and effective base tan.

Base Tan : Nature’s Sunscreen
Our primary goal is to teach sunburn prevention to every client. Building a gradual suntan actually creates two different forms of natural protection against sunburn:
– Melanin pigment is produced in outer skin cells after being exposed to sunlight. Melanin literally enshrouds and shields skin cells in the skin, protecting each cell from getting too much UV exposure.
– After sun exposure extra keratin migrates to the surface of the skin, thickening it, making the skin naturally more resistant to sunburn.

These two steps combine to create a powerful natural sunscreen that doesn’t wash off quickly. Tanning at Tan It All guarantees a trained operator can give a tanner controlled UV exposures to gradually develop this natural sunscreen while minimizing the risk of sunburn. This base tan adds another layer to your sunburn protection arsenal – an add-on to your sunscreen, making it effective at preventing sunburn.

This is the reason why many clientele visit Tan It All prior to sunny vacations. In sunny environments many fair-skinned people can sunburn during normal outdoor activities even while wearing sunscreen. But with a base tan their sunscreen becomes more effective and they are much less likely to sunburn.

Not sure how to start a base tan? Check out this post about UVA vs UVB.