Too often salons forget to educate tanners on the basics. As an established tanning salon, we are dedicated to educating our clientele. Tanning 101: There are two different types of UV Rays and our different levels of beds contain different rays. Let us educate you on the difference between UVA vs UVB beds.

UVA vs UVB: how do the rays differ?

UVB Rays — UVB rays are known as the building rays. This specific type of short wave ray builds melanin in your skin. Melanin is what produces the natural base tan and your bronzed color. In short, the more melanin you have, the tanner you can become after developing a strong base tan. This base tan is a natural SPF that protects your skin from burning when you’re outside. While UVB can help build your tan, it can also cause you to burn if you take on too much too soon. It is important to start slowly and extend your tanning sessions in 2 – 3 minute increments maximum.

This is a perfect option for vacationers headed to a sunny destination a month or two out.

UVA Rays – Bronzing Rays Once you’ve built up the melanin in your skin, you now want to utilizie UVA rays to bronze it. The UVA rays help emit pigment (color) out of the melanin you have generated and give you that beautiful, bronze glow.

Use Both UVB and UVA Tanning Beds for the Best Results

Once you’ve established a base tan, use a combination of UVA and UVB tanning beds to achieve a superior tan. By mixing it up, you’ll give your skin something to respond to.

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