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Our Round Rock tanning salon location is next to Gold’s Gym and offers 5 levels of UV beds delivering a mix of UVB and UVA with High-pressure beds. These beds can aid you in building your base tan prior to your beach getaway and progress you all the way up to a perfect bronze glow that you can show off all year round. Our top bed at this location is the Standup Level Matrix, featuring high-pressure UV performance with the most comfortable tanning surface and Alexa for your listening pleasure, making it the ideal combination for anyone that demands the ultimate in luxurious tanning pleasure. Tired of the lines on your sides? This bed is for you!

The Norvell Auto Revolution Sunless Booth works with your skin’s chemistry to give you the color you desire. Equipped with height sensors, the booth calibrates the tanning session based on your height, creating a completely customized session. There are voice instructions throughout and virtually no dry time. Your results will last 4-7 days depending on your body’s natural exfoliation. Our VersaSpa booth too carries the Norvell Solution line, a superior category of color that never fails to WOW.

Our most bold offering is the Venetian, which sprays on dark but gives you that perfect “spent a week at the beach” look after your first shower. Or you can try the Clear 2, our most popular spray tan option. With a little more DHA in it, you get better results than you would with a base tan. If you are looking for a more personal touch, we also offer Airbrush services, where a trained technician can manually spray you. Most sessions last 15-20 minutes and appointments are required. We carry three different types of airbrush solutions: Norvell Dark, Sunless Skin Solutions Green or violet base geared toward matching your skin tone, or Rapid Red which is our high end solution containing 11 infused oils, melanin and collagen!

Here at Tan It All, we firmly believe our customers deserve the best. Without a good product in hand, time spent in a bed doesn’t do much for your tan, and is quite frankly, a waste of time. We pride ourselves in the line of products we carry; from tanning lotions, to sunless options, to sunless in a bottle, to a variety of moisturizers that help extend your tan, we have the right product for you. We carry lines like Swedish Beauty, a hypoallergenic brand that strives to make your color and skincare a high priority. By offering other exclusive, superior brands like Australian Gold and Designer Skin too – companies that scientifically use the right balance of moisture and tan enhancers, to work specifically with a UV bed or in a sunless booth – you can be assured you’re getting the most bang out of your tanning session.

We do offer FIT Bodywraps at this location. Whether you are a bride looking to lose a few pound before your big wedding day or you are a professional athlete looking to recover quickly after a strenuous workout, FIT Bodywrap can provide the most effective and comfortable infrared bodywrap treatment available. Results include weight loss, detoxification, pain relief, and skin rejuvenation amongst others.

Tan It All – Round Rock
2400 I35 Frontage Rd.
Round Rock TX 78681
Phone: 512-888-9-TAN
Email: info@tanitall.com