FIT Infrared Bodywrap Testimonials

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“I did 3 wraps and loved them. I felt lighter and more toned.” – Phillips T.*

“Originally I tried the FIT Bodywrap for weight loss, but now I am excited that I have found something that can help my chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia, and the heat feels so good on my joints…” – Tracy P.*

“I did 5 sessions and after the 2nd one I started noticing major differences in how I felt! After all 5 in my package, I had already lost 1.5 inches around my waist and 5 pounds. I feel amazing! The FIT Booster spray also makes my skin so soft. Thank you for such a great product & experience!” – Lauren G.*

“I lost two inches after four sessions. I feel AMAZING after I do a 60 minute session in the wrap! The product is amazing too!! I am so happy to have the extra help for swim suit season!” – Andrea A.*

I just did first session with the (FIT Bodywrap) wrap and it was so relaxing. I felt good afterward. I felt energized and ready to take on the rest of the day. If you are reading this to see if the FIT Bodywrap is for you, please try it. It definitely is something you NEED to try. I promise you will love it and will tell your friends/family about it. Thank you FIT Bodywrap for making this product!” – M. Grady*

“…I love the FIT Bodywrap, something different to add to my pre-summer slim down workout regimen!” – Nicole M.*

“My friends noticed that my tummy looked flatter!” – H.L.*

“I was so relaxed after my first bodywrap, I’m thinking of using it regularly just to manage my stress!” – D.L.*

“After my first FIT Bodywrap, my skin felt so soft, it actually glowed. I noticed that my pants fit better, too. I can’t wait for my next wrap!” – J.S.*

“I lost 2% body fat and one pant size in 4 visits. It was faster and easier than two months of personal training sessions at the gym!” – K.R.*

“After my daughter I gained a lot of weight with the weight came chronic pain so when I heard about this product I thought what could it hurt? I did 1 month unlimited, and after the first hour session I felt like I could run a marathon. I had energy, was relaxed, my skin was soft and I had no pain. After 2 weeks my husband said he could see a difference. I’ve completed the month and I’ve lost an entire dress size, 20 pounds. I’ve still stuck with my workout routine, and with less pain makes it so much easier. I’m extremely excited about purchasing another month. I feel great! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone and not just for weight loss. I get an hour to myself for me basically a recharge to my crazy life. I come out feeling like a million bucks. I love it!” – Kelli L.*